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Laboratory Space

Specialist laboratory space for innovative science and technology businesses

Access specialist equipment, services and technical support

Our laboratory space is located in the Science Centre within the Wolverhampton Science Park complex. This flexible laboratory space has been created for companies specialising in: Aerospace, Automotive, Life Sciences, Building Technologies, Research and Development and Product Prototyping.

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We believe moving to University of Wolverhampton Science Park was the right move for us, as we are amongst other scientific-based businesses and have the opportunity to form a strong network with them, to act as a one-stop for all scientific research needs to the local community and beyond.”

Olukunle Akanbi, Head Trainer
LabMedExpert Limited

Flexible laboratory space

Fitted out, or ready for you to install your specialist equipment, rent our high-quality laboratory space offering private write-up areas and bench space in self-contained units within a fully serviced and equipped environment.

Our shared units provide cost-effective bench space in a collaborative setting.

All laboratories benefit from flexible rental agreements and the opportunity to scale.

An award-winning centre

The benefits of locating to this Award-winning centre are many; the configurable, Category 1 & 2 laboratory space starts from approximately 17m2 up to 100m2 and is available for long or short-term hire; there is also access to a shared laboratory and on-site technical support.

Specialist equipment, includes PCR thermocycler, scanning spectrophotometer and microbial fermentation suite. For convenience, there is a goods lift accessed from the car park area with direct admittance to the laboratory space.

The Science Centre also offers office space from 20m2 / two person upwards.

We have never looked back since moving from another Science Park to University of Wolverhampton Science Park. The Science Park has a set-up that fully caters to all our needs. It suited to us when we first came her years ago as a small company, to where we are now (a bigger organisation), and still has the capacity and infrastructure to support our growth and development for both the short and long term.”

Dr Mohammed Kamran, PhD Molecular Medicine
CEO & Director
Future Genetics


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