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Broadband and Telephony

Work seamlessly with uninterrupted connectivity

From reliable and uninterrupted internet connectivity to extensive voice services, we give you the tools to ensure your business is always on.

We don’t expect you to be IT experts, leave the technology and IT to us. Our aim is to make your business operations as seamless as possible whilst being flexible to scale with your changing needs.

What services do we offer



Unified Comms

Benefits Of Our Infrastructure?

No long contracts. Complete termination of services can be done with only 3-months notice

No long lead-time. Changes can be made within 2 working days, often quicker. Our on-demand services are scalable and flexible to your requirements. You only pay for what you need

Always on. The resilient network ensures business continuity. With automatic failover in place to an alternative back-up line, there should never be any disruptions

Peace of mind. Each customer has their own private, secure network and unique login details, meaning there’s no risk of leaving you vulnerable to data misuse and theft

Powerful. Our internet service is quick and more importantly reliable, enabling you to perform business operations without a glitch

Real-time insights. There is complete transparency of your service usage, allowing us to recommend the best packages for your needs based on actual usage

Internet Connectivity 55Mb & 100Mb Shared Tenant Network

The 55Mb shared network is our standard tenant option, with the 100Mb shared network being our premium superfast network providing all the benefits of our standard service but with increased bandwidth across all users and devices, subject to an upgrade fee. Network sharing is at a building level.

Dedicated Bandwidth Networks For our tenants at UoWSP that require dedicated bandwidth, we can provide dedicated connections starting from as small as 50Mb, all the way up to 1Gb*. These connections provide all the same benefits that come with our Shared Tenant network but with the added advantage of the full bandwidth of the line being dedicated to your company. Prices for these connections can be provided upon request, based on individual tenant requirements.


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