Our team of qualified and technical experts has over 30 years combined experience in water and wastewater, this includes pilot-scale and full-scale evaluations with associated research & development.

WatStech was originally a spin-out company from the University of Wolverhampton and was first formed as a research group in 2000, after 5 years WatStech Ltd. was created. Following this in 2008 WatStech Ltd. became an independent company.

We can also offer:

  • Project management skills with extensive work conducted with major companies and small to medium enterprises (SME);
  • Feasibility and project scoping studies;
  • Grant applications;
  • Co-ordination and collaboration with companies and organisations;
  • Communication and presentation skills for reporting findings to national and international audiences;
  • Experience of scientific and business report writing.


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Email: info@watstech.com

Website: https://www.watstech.com/