Experts from the University of Wolverhampton are supporting a West Midlands start-up that is investigating the use of advanced thermal technologies to turn waste into renewable heat and electricity through a project funded by the Smart Concept Fund.

PyroGenesys, a bio-renewables technology developer based in Birmingham, has been supported through the tender for the production of a prototype and the development of a business plan, which has led to further funding opportunities and continued growth for the company.

The developer has built a pyrolysis reactor that can be installed in factories that produce waste biomass; which its prototype can convert to renewable heat, electricity and biofuels.

Professor Andrew Pollard from the University of Wolverhampton said: “PyroGenesys are a great example of the type of company and new product opportunity the Smart Concept Fund is designed to support.

“They have a talented technical team and this circular economy approach to processing waste materials is directly in line with the region’s aims for a low carbon economy.”

The Smart Concept Fund is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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