Future Genetics is a precision medicine research company whose focus is simply the patient. We are focused on the discovery and development of disease biomarkers in areas of unmet clinical need.

We as a society need a healthcare system that is able to provide the best and most appropriate treatments to different patients, and where individuals and families are sufficiently empowered to make life-style decisions that are based on their personal genetic-makeup.

Future Genetics is committed to developing the means to help society live better and healthier lives.

This goal of personalised-medicine will be achieved by us through the discovery of novel biomarkers that will transform future healthcare.



Email: mkamran@futuregenetics.co.uk

Website: https://futuregenetics.co.uk/

Address: Science Centre, University of Wolverhampton Science Park Glaisher Drive, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV10 9RU