PCR tests 

For any enquiries regarding PCR tests please contact your provider from the list here – PCR Tests


In light of the developing situation with regard to Coronavirus, we wish to provide tenants and their employees with an update on the situation regarding Science Park activities and responses.

The self-isolation advice for people with coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed.

Find out more about the guidance (updated 17 January 2022)

Guidance on Face Coverings at UoWSP

We strongly recommend all tenants, staff and visitors who are not exempt, wear a face-covering around the Science Park.
This includes:
  • Communal areas, e.g. reception areas, corridors, stairwells and catering outlets.

Find out more about the current guidelines in place here

Reporting a case of Covid-19

We would like to remind tenants that if any of their staff have attended site 48 hours prior to showing symptoms, or having a confirmed case of, Covid-19 then they should let us know at the earliest opportunity so any appropriate actions / measures can be taken to minimise the risk of further cases. Please remember that if you suspect you or fellow staff members have Covid-19, or have tested positive, you should not attend site under any circumstance. Covid-19 symptoms are: a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste.

The method for reporting a case of Covid-19 can be found here

Home Covid-19 testing kit information

Covid-19 home testing packs can now be collected from local pharmacies, test sites and community hubs and requested for delivery to your home address.

Each pack contains seven lateral flow test (LFT) kits, which can be used by those who do not have coronavirus symptoms. Please remember, do not use a lateral flow test (LFT) if you have coronavirus symptoms, you should book a PCR test and self-isolate.

Access home test kits Order a Covid-19 home test pack (one pack, seven test kits) online to be delivered to your home address – you must live in England to use this service.

Both positive and negative home test results should be reported online as soon as possible after you get the result

If your home test result is positive, you must self-isolate immediately and get a PCR test to confirm the result.

Please see the University’s Covid-19 reporting procedure for more information on what to do if you test positive or experience coronavirus symptoms

Watch this video to see how to test yourself at home

Support and resources to help if you’re grieving

If you’re struggling with grief or need support, you can find free bereavement resources and a list of organisations that can help here.


GOV.UK have provided a summary of guidance, support and latest legislations, for businesses and the public during the coronavirus pandemic.

For daily updates please go to our Covid-19 page for business.

What has been done so far?

This dedicated webpage to Coronavirus has been set up to provide a single point of information on the matter. This will be updated as necessary and should be the initial point for obtaining further information relating to Coronavirus and the Science Park. 

A dedicated e-mail address, healthinfo@wolverhamptonsp.co.uk has been set up for receiving any Coronavirus related queries that cannot be answered by the information available here. We may issue notifications from this e-mail address in the future and as such can you please ensure this is added to your contacts list to prevent any over-zealous spam filters routing messages to your junk/spam mail folder.

Cleaning regimes have been amended to include wiping corridor and office door handles every day with anti-bacterial wipes; one wipe will be used per door.

Science Park First Aiders have received additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the event they are required to deliver CPR etc.

All toilets areas have had additional prevention measure signage fitted.

Stand-alone hand sanitiser stations are on order and will be placed in each reception area.

The University of Wolverhampton Conferencing Department is following Government guidelines,  to ensure the safety of all University staff, students and visitors, therefore,  please contact Customer helpline:  conferences@wlv.ac.uk  01902 321531 for more information.

How are developments monitored?

As a subsidiary company of the University of Wolverhampton, we act and follow where applicable their generic advice and guidance. They have a generic webpage: www.wlv.ac.uk/coronavirus where the current position for the University and any actions they are taking will be published. This is our main source of reference and includes FAQs, prevention and travel advice, etc.

The University has set up a Planning Team from across the University and this is meeting twice weekly to discuss the situation and the current advice from Public Health England; they are also engaging with local organisations and resilience forums to gauge best practice and ensure responses are aligned to local, regional and national practice. Science Park management are included in this team. The Planning Team will coordinate the University’s response as the situation develops. Its priorities are to protect the health of members of the University community, of which the Science Park is part.

Generally speaking the advice given follows that offered by organisations including Public Health EnglandNHS 111 Online and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

What is happening next?

Tenant companies are going to be asked to update/confirm their contact details to ensure any future communications on the matter are routed to the correct contact points in each company. Can you please ensure this request is responded to as soon as possible once it is received.

Business Continuity plans are being reviewed in light of the specific Coronavirus outbreak, including deep cleaning processes.

What should tenants do if their staff are quarantined or ill?

If a tenant company has a member(s) of staff that are being quarantined or actually ill due to Coronavirus then they need to inform the Science Park management team immediately using healthinfo@wolverhamptonsp.co.uk and also calling the Facilities Information Hub on 01902 32 1253. This is important as the tenant has a duty of care obligation to any Science Park staff that might enter a potentially contaminated space, and the Science Park has a similar duty of care to advise other tenants in the vicinity.

Information required to be recorded will be:

  • Tenant company name
  • Building and room number
  • Name of person reporting on behalf of tenant company
  • Time and date of call reporting
  • Name of staff member(s) quarantined or ill
  • Are the staff member(s) exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19?
  • What have the staff member(s) been advised to do by 111 and the timescales for this?
  • Has the staff member(s) been in contact with someone who has been tested as positive for COVID-19 or someone who is being tested and awaiting results?
  • Date and time when staff member(s) were last at the Science Park and what areas did they visit?

Depending upon the information above it may be necessary to arrange for a deep clean of the specific area and associated communal areas.

More information from the NHS on the current status can be found here