LabMedExpert, a growing company that specialises in Biomedical Scientist Recruitment and Histology Training has recently located to the Science Centre, University of Wolverhampton Science Park and would be delighted to meet Science graduates, students and visitors interested in histology training.

Head Trainer, Olukunle Akanbi, said, “Our vision is to provide solution to the current shortage of healthcare staff across the U.K, reduce unemployment rate by providing highly-skilled candidates and support the NHS in achieving its goal of saving cost on staff”.

At LabMedExpert, the goal is to equip recent Biomedical and Biological science graduates, as well as students, with the essential skills required to work in every career related to histology. Working closely with  trainees so they can successfully and confidently go out to their respective post LabMedExpert have  obtained for them and be the best they can.

Find out from one of LabMedExpert’s recent trainees, as he explains how completing his training has helped in securing employment with the NHS and the difference the  training made on his CV at the link below: