University of Wolverhampton Science Park would like to congratulate some of its tenant companies on achieving significant milestones in business in 2019.

Learning Gateway for staff, parents and pupils

Congratulations to our tenant company, TASC Software Solutions who have just celebrated 21 years at University of Wolverhampton Science Park (UoWSP).

TASC Software Solutions provides software applications. It delivers a comprehensive pupil data management system and collaboration relationship software covering pupil attendance, behaviour, assessment, parental engagement, pupil voice and Child and Adult Protection software to all educational establishments, care homes, sports clubs and local authorities. The company has designed and developed its applications to be easy-to-use and intuitive solutions which can be deployed rapidly, customised easily and integrated with other software applications and Virtual Learning Environments.  TASC Software is a Capita SIMS Premier Partner which means their software solutions read-write in true real-time. TASC Software Solutions offers its Software on an annual licence basis.

Find out more about TASC Software Solutions here


Front-to-back solutions for the investment Management Industry

Following closely behind with a 20 year business anniversary is SimCorp Coric.

SimCorp provide the most integrated system for the world’s most successful investment managers, enabling you to get a real-time overview of your entire business in one system.

The investment management industry is facing significant challenges. Every year sees increased levels of regulation, reporting requirements, data quantity, and asset classes, to name a few. Keeping up with all this change and the complexity that comes with it, isn’t easy.

To help, SimCorp have built a fully integrated system that is agile and flexible so that no matter what challenges you may face, they can support your needs. By keeping track of industry trends, they make sure that its system is up-to-date and future proof.

For more than 40 years, they have been developing SimCorp Dimension, a world class front-to-back investment management solution. Each year they funnel more than 20% of its revenue into R&D, ensuring that its solution is capable of supporting your key requirements.

The company is proud that almost half of the world’s Top 100 investment managers have chosen SimCorp.

You can download the company brochure here  or find out more about Simcorp Coric by visiting


The Allen Rose difference

Celebrating 5 years at UoWSP is Allen Rose; an independent, two-partner firm of chartered certified accountants, tax specialists and business advisers.

The commercially-minded team supports all clients, by combining a creative and innovative approach with tailor-made solutions to help them reach their personal and business objectives and believe a proactive service enables clients to best achieve their aims, the team from Allen Rose work with them throughout the year to keep a current picture of their progress and to ensure they are informed about new legislation that will have a significant impact on their finances.

As a result, any problems can be anticipated and practical solutions recommended before the year end, ensuring business finances are always looked after.

Learn more about Allen Rose here