The corporate world has embraced the options of attending virtual meetings and events during the current circumstances, with many event organisers discovering the value of virtual events to connect with their team, their customers, and their colleagues on a global scale.

These meetings provide multiple attendees to be connected making the experience more centralised and realistic for all in attendance

To bring an enhanced experience to your event, we have implemented Logitech video conferencing solutions, which are now available within specific event spaces at the Science Park. These solutions are able to be used in conjunction with any web-based conferencing platform such as MS Teams, Zoom, Skype etc. and require minimal setup.

The majority of our available video conferencing spaces are configured with a dedicated room PC which we have linked our Logitech solutions to, meaning all that’s required is for the user to login to their chosen conferencing platform from the PC. For our spaces that do not have a dedicated room PC the Logitech solutions can be connected directly to a laptop and immediately used with your chosen conferencing platform in a Plug-and-Play fashion.

We know it may be new to you, but we are here to help you every step of the way, further details on these solutions can be provided upon enquiry or booking.

To find out more about the conference facilities contact or speak to one of the members of the conferencing team:

01902 518906 or 01902 321253